What to Expect

An investment in custom photography is one of the most satisfying investments a family can make, as the moments captured from this time in the clients’ lives will be cherished for generations to come.

And, a custom experience with your photographer makes the journey to beautiful portraits that much better! You’re not just another session to me, it’s personal! As your photographer, I collaborate with you in personalizing your session. Using a professional lab for producing premium products for your home, I thrive on giving you that wow! factor.


Brighton Michigan Wall Portrait photographer

Pre-session Consultation

Once you book a session with me, we’ll do a pre-session meeting to determine clothing, overall look and feel of your portraits, and what you want to do with your portraits. My clients come to me to help them make their home more beautiful with custom artwork. We’ll begin with the end in mind and decide where in your home we want to “shoot for.”

Look around your home and take a photo of any place that you’d consider hanging your portraits. Please tape a piece of paper on the wall, or give me a measurement of something along that wall. The snapshots should be taken straight on [not at an angle] with some of the room surrounding in the photo. Once you text me the images, I will design something just for you even before the photo session!

You may want to showcase your portrait session in a custom album where we can mix both the candid, spontaneous images from the session with your more posed images. An album is an amazing way to decorate your home and enjoy your session images. I have beautiful samples that you can see and touch at our consultation.

You may come to me because you like my work, but haven’t really given any thought to what you want to do with your images. That’s okay! We’ll come up with a great plan for them that you can enjoy every day. Let me help you display what you love the most – your family.

What to Wear

Deciding what to wear can be daunting, but don’t over think it! You want your portraits to convey is that you’re happy and comfortable. While it used to be popular for everyone in the family to match exactly [envision matching black polo shirts and jeans!], today it is important to look coordinated, but not matching. Choose 2 or 3 colors and work around that. You want each individual in your family to wear something to reflect his or her personality, but working within a color palette makes the clothing work together. An easy way to find a color scheme is to find a scarf or garment that has the colors you would like to use. That piece of fabric can be the starting point for building your colors. Don’t be afraid of pattern and textures! If you are not yet getting my newsletter, sign up here and get my free Portrait Style Guide that’s sure to help you with wardrobe!
Find a corner in your home where you can lay out clothing options, or try some combinations together and snap a photo of them for reference. Snapping quick photos with your phone and sending them to me along the way can help you feel confident with your decisions! 

The Session

Now that we know what we’re shooting for, the session will flow very well. I will photograph for about 60 to 90 minutes at a location that we’ve chosen. Make sure that your family is well rested and fed! The most important tip is for you to relax. After all the thinking, planning and preparing, you need to enjoy the moment. It makes all the difference in the world!

The Ordering Appointment

Within two weeks of your portrait session, you’ll come back for the fun part – – viewing your images and placing your order! Since we already have made some decisions on the whats and wheres, this will be easier than it sounds. We’ll finalize your wall portraits and framing, and/or decide on an heirloom album. It’s important to make sure you already have a list of gift print recipients, too, so you can make those decisions as well. Your images won’t go into an online gallery, so please make sure you have all decision makers at the ordering session!

You’ll be viewing the best 20-40 images from the session (a little more for seniors). Anything more and the decisions are daunting! We will select which images you love best and decide on products to complement them. Usually, these products are framed wall portraits, canvases, gift prints, and heirloom albums. For studio sessions, or if you are coming from a long distance, I may suggest that we do “same day” ordering of the images.

I’ve learned that it is actually tougher to decide on an order with online galleries. Agonizing over proofs only makes the process more difficult. Our in-person ordering session will give you a sense of accomplishment, and you’ll enjoy your finished portraits that much more quickly. And I will be here to help you every step of the way!

Digital Images

Clients come to me for custom artwork that they enjoy every day. Whether we plan for a wall concept or albums, their final portraits are tangible, beautiful pieces of art. Upon request, I will provide a small, web-sized file of each image ordered for sharing on their phones, Instagram or Facebook. For clients that want to purchase a collection of digital files for archiving,  I provide a digital collection that starts at $1000.

Price List

Please contact me directly to discuss your portrait session and to obtain a copy of my 2017 Design & Product Guide. I can be reached via email at angie@angelabrownphotography.com or by phone at (313) 530-1051.