simply me tweens

The uniqueness is undeniable! No longer a child but still years away from her senior portraits, your daughter [or son] is in one of the most unique stages of life.

Maybe she’s embracing her individuality and not yet feeling the pressure to conform. Or, she may already be feeling insecure about herself and questioning what makes her so special. This time is often forgotten by parents and photographers, yet documenting this stage in her life will improve her self-esteem and help her feel valued for who she is.

I created SimplyMe for both your daughter and for you.

Girls this age love to be photographed, so give her the opportunity to do so! This is something that she will always remember with happy thoughts, a fun mom-daughter experience.

And you, her parent, will have this amazing time in her life forever documented, enjoying her portraits long after she’s gone off to college.

One of the most expected things about SimplyMe is how much fun the day is for both mom and daughter. I created it for the girls, but it’s much more than that; it’s an awesome memory for you and your awesome girl.


Session Details

SimplyMe sessions are held in my Brighton Michigan portrait studio.

I like to shoot in natural light as well as with studio lights, so we’ll want to schedule the session during daylight hours. An after school appointment is good, and I am available on an occasional Saturday morning if scheduled well in advance. During summer break, we have lots of daylight opportunities for the session.

Your daughter should bring along a handful of her favorite outfits on hangers, complete with the right shoes or boots, hat, scarf, you name it! We’ll map out a plan for 2-3 outfits. This is not the time for your daughter to be decked out in heavy make up, as there is plenty of time for that when she’s older! For now, I like to see a fresh face with a little mascara, lip gloss, and maybe a touch of blush if desired.

I want to make your daughter feel comfortable and beautiful. She may love the duck face on her Instagram feed, but that doesn’t mean she’ll be totally comfortable in a “modeling” session. During our hour long photo shoot, we’ll get lots of different looks; some posed, some giggling shots, and simple but beautiful close ups. I aim to capture her in ways that she’ll love and you’ll adore! My studio is quiet and convenient, and the girls love how bright and cheerful it is! We’ll choose some backgrounds, and I’ll be sure to be playing lots of fun music during the session.

Although I typically will invite you back a week later to view the images and place your order, I can also arrange for a same day ordering session if you’re traveling from afar. We might shoot in the morning, you and your daughter head off to lunch, and then come back and see her awesome images and place your order. Everyone has super busy schedules these days, so I want to make it easy and convenient for you!

The session fee of $175 includes not only the portrait session but an all important pre-session consultation. We’ll discuss plans for the sessions and I’ll be designing some beautiful things for your walls. “Buddy sessions” are totally different than SimplyMe sessions – contact me for details if interested.

What the girls are saying

  • “I have never felt prettier”
  • “Spending time with Angie and her camera was amazing!”
  • “It shows my uniqueness and personality!”
  • “I love that I wasn’t told what to wear.”
  • “The studio was so bright and cheerful.”
  • “It was such a fun day for my mom and me.”