Seniors HeaderWhen should I book my senior portrait session?

Now! I love photographing seniors in all seasons. Summer and early fall is definitely the most popular, but I’ve done some lovely winter and spring sessions as well. We want to capture you in your favorite season!

What should I do to prepare for the session?

We want to be on the same page, so a pre-session planning meeting is key. We’ll discuss the parents’ and senior’s vision for the senior portraits, products and pricing. With the senior, I want to know more about her. Does she like casual, vintage, dressy? Urban brick or in a field with backlight?

Most of my seniors choose the two hour session, and 3-4 outfits work well for that length of time and provides some continuity to your session. However, if you’re a super quick changer and want to wear more outfits than that, it’s up to you! Bring a nice variety of clothing, because we can work together to add different touches to your ensemble. It’s okay to push your style and wear something you may not wear to school; as long as you love the look, let’s play with it.

If you want to bring a special object to the session, please do so. If you play football, bring one; varsity jackets, musical instruments, books, a family dog, go for it! I want you to look back years from now and remember what was important to you your senior year.

Girls, make sure your nails look good, as they will definitely show off in the images. Chipped nail polish can be distracting. Also, both guys and girls should bring something to keep lips moist. Make plans for your hair, too. If you need a cut, plan for it the week before the session. Girls, if you are having your hair done, schedule it as soon as you book your session date.

Can I bring my best friend to the session?

Your senior portrait session is all about you; I like to have mom or dad along to help with clothing changes or to hold a reflector, but if you want to include a good friend, just make sure she is someone that will help bring out the best in you and not distract from your special day!

How do your product collections work?

As a consumer myself, I don’t like to be boxed in, so “packages” just don’t seem right. However, it’s great to be able to save money when you purchase certain things.

The product menu is a “Build Your Own Collection” that brings together the savings that come with a package, yet it provides you the ultimate flexibility. By purchasing in all three main product categories, in addition to the savings, you’ll also have access to bonus products for purchase. If you don’t want to choose from all three categories, that’s okay too!

What products do most people order?

Nearly all of my seniors and their families order an album, a wall portrait, gift prints and, depending on the school, wallets for handing out. In the spring, I design graduation announcements/grad party invitations.

In our pre-session consultation, we’ll talk about which products interest you. Knowing beforehand that you’re investing in an album will make a difference in how I shoot. You can see several actual albums in the studio when you come for your consultation!

Okay, tell me – what do we do in the ordering appointment?

A week or two after your photo shoot, you’ll have your ordering appointment where you will see the best images from the day. We’ll ooh and ahh over how great you look, and we’ll also eliminate any that you don’t really like. We’ll then work through which images you want for your wall portraits, gift prints, and other fun things.

I do not put the images on line for viewing later, but if you commit to an album and pay a deposit, I’m happy to provide you with a proof sheet of the images going into your album.

The most satisfied families select the wall portrait and frame and the gift prints right at the ordering appointment. However at the very latest, within one week of the ordering appointment, we will finalize all wall portraits, gift prints, wallets and album decisions. By that time, I will have designed your album for your approval as well. This meeting can be by phone or in person.

How do I get a copy of that awesome slideshow you play for us?

You’re going to adore seeing all the best images in a slideshow set to music! I am now providing this free [yes, free!] with the purchase of an album.

What about my yearbook photo?

If your school requires a certain type of headshot for the yearbook [Brighton, Pinckney and Howell high schools all do] we can do that on a separate day so we can focus your session on what you really want. I’ll work with your yearbook advisor to submit your chosen image well ahead of the deadline. This is a complementary service I provide when you book your senior session with me!

Where do I find the product menu?

Email me here or text me at (313) 530-1051 for a complete product menu book.