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Decorate Your Holiday Home With Snapshots

Christmas season is roughly a month out of the year, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t decorate withView full post »

Download & Back Up Your Photos – Part 4 of the Yearlong Series

In my last post from this series [click here to read it] we talked about the fact that all our photos are EVERYWHERE.View full post »

photographs by Trisha Jimenez

The Gift She Gave Her Young Son

There it was. An obituary. An obituary of someone I’ve followed and admired in the photography world. She wasView full post »

A Mom’s Story – The Road to Priceless Portraits

Gigi Bott VanderWeele is my guest writer today. She’s the pen behind Your Personal Memoir LLC, a Pleasant RidgeView full post »

Organize & Print Your Photos – A Year Long Challenge

It’s true what they say. This generation of kids will be the most photographed generation in history, yet theyView full post »

measure twice, cut once [epic fail – fixed!]

My dad always used to say “measure twice, cut once.” That has never been more in my mind than this week! InView full post »

3 ways to display senior portraits without having a shrine

I hear it every year. “I don’t want to make my home look like a shrine to (insert senior nameView full post »

tucker ~ four month old cutie

This darling boy is already a veteran in front of the camera. His parents and grandparents just MIGHT be snapping a tonView full post »

wall art wednesday – senior portraits

Since senior portrait session is up and running here in Michigan, and since today’s Wednesday, I thought it wouldView full post »

wall art wednesday ~ my back hall

There is nothing better than a printed photograph. Seriously. I’m not just saying that because I’m aView full post »

wall art wednesday

Hey there! I’m starting a new feature here showcasing photography as art in people’s homes. About everyView full post »

product love ~ custom photo pendants

Sometimes you have to kiss a LOT of frogs before you find your Prince Charming! That’s what these last few monthsView full post »

get the right sized portraits….every time

Have you ever had professional portraits done and you ordered a great big 8×10 for your wall? You excitedly getView full post »

oliver: dog a day (and adorable wonder dog!)

Think about pulling your camera out once a day – EVERY day. How hard would it be to create a meaningful photoView full post »

five rules for arranging old family photos

My mom recently moved into a retirement home apartment, and we wanted it to feel like home to her. So, I recently spentView full post »