Your Senior as Art – Beautify Your Home With What You Love Most

It’s high school senior season, which means my studio is filled with moms and seniors planning their senior pictures with me. Although my studio is known for the beautiful albums I create, it’s the wall portrait that is seen and enjoyed every day in the home.

If you don’t think you want a “huge wall portrait” of your senior, think again! I’m not considering doing a 30×40 inch canvas of her face! I’m not even considering doing something that big. But something on a big scale can be a beautiful statement; and I promise, your home won’t look like a shrine to your senior! [see my post here about how to design wall portraits without your home looking like a shrine!]

By creating beautiful art with your senior as an element in the image, you have something that you can walk up to every day, remembering that day and what he was like as a high school senior. But to everyone else outside your family, it’s also a beautiful work of art. You’ve probably considered purchasing a pretty canvas or water color painting at the Ann Arbor art fair, but wouldn’t you rather have the subject be someone you love?

Here are some wall ideas; either canvas, traditionally framed portraits or colorful/whimsically framed images [from The Organic Bloom].


Canvas pieces work with any style home; you don’t have to worry about selecting frames; for some, doing a canvas (or grouping of canvases) is the easiest decision to make. In the canvas above, the high school senior is prominently in the image, but the beauty of her surroundings make the piece look like a work of art. Below are some other examples of single canvases:

Traditionally Framed Portraits

I love helping clients pick out a frame to enhance their home and best reflect the portrait. In fact, traditional wall art is what I’ve built my business on for the last eight years! In my Brighton Michigan studio you’ll see my drawers of frame corners, and it’s so much fun choosing. Black, white, woods, metallic, even barn wood are all possibilities, and we’ll design something beautiful together.

Frames from the Organic Bloom

My studio is an authorized vendor for The Organic Bloom, and for people that love color, custom designing an Organic Bloom frame is like Christmas Day. 🙂

There are also traditional colors, as well. In fact, the Espresso, White and Charcoal frame colors are my best sellers. [If you want to see more examples of these frames, as well as the colors and styles, check out my post here.]

I’d love to chat more about displaying your senior’s portrait in your home! And I can make the decision making easy.

Are you still holding off on scheduling senior pictures? August and September are busy months, not only for photographers but also your senior. Please contact me at [313]530-1051 to book a pre-session consultation and to get her photo shoot on the calendar!

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