Senior Yearbook Headshots

The high school seniors I photograph love the photo shoot experience! Urban, water, fields and endless fun outfits – – that’s where the fun is and that’s what they dream about.

That’s why I call the yearbook photo the “obligatory yearbook headshot.” It’s not fun to dress up and do a cookie cutter shot. It is, however, important to get done so the senior is forever immortalized in his/her yearbook. That’s why I do seniors’ yearbook shots as a complimentary service when the senior has a custom session with me.

Each yearbook has different parameters and deadlines. The required sizing of the image itself is different, the size of the head inside those dimensions are never the same between schools, and even the delivery method varies. Some schools require a certain colored backdrop, or a solid color.

It’s important to have a portrait photographer who understands how to properly work with the guidelines given and to meet the deadlines. You also want professional lighting, posing and retouching.

This year I’m happy to offer a few dates for seniors to get proper headshots done for their yearbooks. This could be perfect for seniors who would love a fall or winter senior photo shoot! By booking their yearbook shots with me now, I’m happy to credit the cost of that toward a full session later in the fall or winter. This session is also ideal for someone who wants a good yearbook shot and maybe a few prints of it, but isn’t really interested in anything else.

My two dates for yearbook shoots are Monday, October 10 from 5-7 or Tuesday, October 25 from 3-5. Sessions are quick; we shoot on the appropriate background and then immediately download the images so the senior can choose the image they want for the yearbook. I’ll take it from there; I’ll make the image perfect, crop and size it according to the school parameters, and deliver the image to the school before the deadline.


Please contact me to schedule this session! You’ll need to have the high school’s yearbook guidelines when booking so I can be prepared with the background ready to go. Let’s get this checked off your list!

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