Matthew in his Element – Senior Portrait

One of the many unique and special things about Matthew is his love of books – especially travel and culture. I remember first meeting him ten years ago at his sister’s soccer games. He didn’t care about watching her play as he was way too engrossed in reading about ancient civilizations. He craved travel and read all he could about it.

It was only natural, therefore, to capture Matthew in his element, with his books. And his maps. And lucky for us, his bedroom held the wonders of all those things!

Michigan Senior Photographer - Guy in Front of Map

Not only does Matthew have a wall in his room that is one big map, but he also has an amazing set of bookshelves filled with books on travel, culture, and civilization, TOTALLY organized. Throw in a few globes and his clocks showing local times of major world cities, and we had the environment for a photo shoot totally different than what I’ve ever done before.

To get even more variety, we headed outside with his mom and captured Matthew in the Michigan winter wonderland.

The custom album we created for the family includes all their favorite images of Matthew from the portrait session. Here are just a few of them!

Angela Brown Photography - Senior Guy Portrait Session

Matthew is off to the University of Michigan this fall, and will no doubt be a world traveler in his adult years. He was able to experience Greece and Italy in recent trips in the last year, which I am sure only fueled his desire to see more of the world!

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