Tucker at 7 months

I’ve always said that my favorite age for kids is the 6-7 month range. When Lauren was that age I never tired of watching her sit and be so interested in everything around her! The Christmas tree, a little piece of lint, her toes, I loved watching it all.

As a Brighton child photographer, this is also an awesome age to shoot! They are funny, love to smile and aren’t yet afraid of strangers [i.e. photographers!].

So you can imagine how excited I was to photograph Tucker at this age. He’s super photogenic anyway, with that beautiful skin and auburnish hair. But to capture him at my favorite age was the best!

Angela Brown Photography - Brighton Michigan Child Photographer

I’ll be photographing this cutie when he is a year old also, when we complete his baby plan. It’s been fun to see him grow!

If you want to see his last session at four months, click on this link. Enjoy!

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