office makeover – clean means creative!

Okay, I am ashamed to show you my “before and after” images of my home office. It’s a wonder I got anything creative done in this place! This is the location where I communicate with clients by phone and email, edit their images, create wall concepts with my design software, and brainstorm all the cool things I want to do in my business. Looking back, I realize why my creativity had decreased in recent months. I had other priorities in my life that did NOT include a peaceful zen in my office!

Just over a month ago I began a six week online class called “Bonjourganize Bootcamp” with 29 other photographers put on by Kelli France of Chic Critique Forum.  We’ve been working through getting all aspects of our lives organized. Since we started I’ve developed weekly plans, started using bite-sized pieces of time to get through big projects, implemented meal plans that Lauren can help me with, and most recently, I revamped my office.

I can’t help but think that my creative juices will flow much easier now in this new space. In fact, it only took me a few moments to write this post, which is AMAZING!

What can you do to bring calm and organization to your life?

Office Makeover Angela Brown

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