sarah ~ pinckney class of 2014

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. When I think of still waters running deep, I think of Sarah. Do you know how some people seem wise beyond their years? That’s exactly how I would describe Sarah. I only wish I’d had as much substance at her age as she has!

This girl’s a busy girl – and she’s got big plans.  When she’s not playing softball, she’s being her student government president, or Link Crew Leader, or ensuring that her cumulative 4.0 grade point is preserved. She’s also an Ambassador Girl Scout [and a Gold Award recipient!]. And as I see into the future, I see Miss Sarah making a difference to kids as their orthodontist, all while juggling a million other activities. She’d do it all, and do it all well.

For Sarah’s session, we took ourselves to the village of Chelsea and later to her home softball field. I also wanted to photograph her in front of the structure that she built as part of her Gold Award project through Girl Scouts. I loved her session, and loved the images we got of her!

Sarah Proof Cover ImagesSarah Interview Template w imageSarah 2013-12-06_0003

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