Jordan ~ Brighton Class of 2014

Okay, I must confess: you don’t have to be a good photographer to photograph someone this beautiful. In fact, my 12 year old daughter could have used my iPhone and created gorgeous portraits of her! I’m just happy to have had the opportunity to be her senior portrait photographer!

Jordan is just as beautiful inside as she is out; she is really nice, smart, athletic. She is currently enjoying sideline cheer for Brighton, she’s also in competitive cheer, National Honor Society, and other activities.

We had a lot of fun photographing in a friend’s field, among thousands [millions?] of mosquitos. They were swarming around her head, but she wasn’t rattled! On the other hand, I had welts all over my body! Jordan’s mom and younger sister joined us for the shoot. The three of us were smacking bugs, screaming, scratching, while Jordan was just calm, cool and collected.:)


To see how her wall portrait is displayed in her family home, check it out here!

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