My last session of 2015 was one of my most memorable! Imagine three young kids between the ages of 2 and 9. Imagine them being a part of a huge secret! They wanted to surprise their daddy for his birthday by giving him portraits of them in their Michigan State Spartans clothing!

I love having these kids in my Brighton Michigan studio, and they love coming here.:)

The plan was for them to come up while daddy was at work. Unfortunately, dad threw a curveball by being home sick that day! But these kids were determined! They kept the secret and their mom drove them up to Brighton for the secret mission, and their dad had no clue!

As you can see, the kids had a blast! These are the images that they [and their mom] selected to have printed for daddy’s birthday. You can bet that dad was thoroughly in love with these images! I’m pretty sure these were also his favorite gifts!

Brighton Michigan Photographer kids in MSU jerseys


When is the last time you updated your headshot? 10 years ago? 5 years ago? Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to update your look? The new year is a perfect time to show the world a current look, a confident you. It shows that you’re investing in yourself.

When you call me for a headshot/business portrait, we’ll not only set a date, but we’ll discuss your needs:

  • what do you want to accomplish?
  • what overall look are you hoping to project?
  • is there a specific use for the headshot that we need to shoot for?
  • what types of clothing should you bring to provide that professional look?
  • should we schedule your appointment after you’ve had a chance to visit your hair stylist or make up artist?

At my Brighton Michigan studio, we’ll spend about 20-30 minutes shooting a handful of different looks, perhaps with different clothing or backdrops. I promise it will be a relaxing and comfortable experience.

I’ll immediately download and we’ll view your [unedited] images. Clients love the fact that they can select their favorite images and expressions right away! You can even tell me what you don’t love about your look so I can retouch and make you look even more fabulous.:)And, I promise to make you look great and not over processed!

Your images will be delivered electronically within 24 hours, although normally it’s by the end of the day.

My headshot/business portrait package includes two images, and you’ll have the option to purchase additional images.

What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time for a new you? Call me at [313] 530-1051 to schedule your appointment today!

Brighton Michigan Headshot Professional Portrait Photographer


From my little corner of the world to your holiday home, I wish you a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy your friends and family – be sure to take lots of photos [and print them!]. Most of all, thanks for your support and interest in Angela Brown Photography!

Studio Christmas Tree


My dad always used to say “measure twice, cut once.” That has never been more in my mind than this week!

In my haste to get things done during this busy holiday season, I made two careless decisions – NOT to actually measure something before purchasing!

The first was my wall oven. Ours stopped working last week [the week before Christmas – not the ideal time! Baking! Cooking! Tradition!] I ran to the appliance store and replaced my old GE Monogram with the “same” new GE Monogram oven. My sales guy said they were the same size, but did I take the time to actually check the specs? Nooooo!

Long story short, my new oven was 4 inches higher than the old one. Which meant that the installers had to cut the cabinetry to make the new one fit. Which means I have sawdust all over my kitchen. What should have been a half hour installation instead took them three hours. My husband Curt even got in the mix!


The second error I made had to do with something near and dear to my heart – – a wall portrait of Lauren.

In the summer, I purchased a beautiful Organic Bloom frame in Metallic Bronze that I wanted to use for a holiday wall portrait for above my fireplace. I knew I wanted to set up a shoot for my daughter with a winter hat, maybe even snow, that would look great in the frame, on the fireplace, during Christmas.

The shoot was a success and I’d selected my favorite image for the frame. I ran back to the studio to look at the frame, just to double check its size before ordering the print.

Well, I didn’t actually CHECK the size, I just took a quick glance at it.

And I ordered a 24×24 mounted image. Except the frame is a 20×20. Oops, epic fail.

Measure twice, cut once.

Lucky for me, I have a couple of things going for me. First, I have a dad that is not only very wise [i.e. “measure twice, cut once” wisdom] but he’s also very handy. In fact, most of the things in my Brighton Michigan studio look so great because of him. Second, I did crop the image of Lauren a bit wider than I should have. That meant in theory, we might be able to cut the image to size, even though it’s mounted on 3 mm styrene.

So I ran out to my dad’s, and we carefully cut the image to size with an exacto knife. An hour later, it looked perfect for the frame!

Brighton Michigan Wall Portrait Photographer

Here’s what it looks like on my fireplace today:

Brighton Michigan Organic Bloom Vendor

By the way, do you love this frame as much as I do? I am an authorized vendor of The Organic Bloom. I’m crazy about this frame company! With 17 shapes and 53 colors available, I’d love to create a grouping that works for your home [to see more about why I love these frames, check out my earlier post here]. I’ll even “measure twice, cut once” to ensure yours is perfect! 😉



Jeremy came to my Brighton Michigan studio recently so we could capture him at this awesome stage of his life. After all, he’ll be starting high school next year and, being 13 going on 14, he’s right at that in between stage between boyhood and manhood. I guess that’s why we call this stage the tween stage, right?

I asked Jeremy to bring his electric guitar so we could capture a few fun images with it [success!]. He also wore an old suit that belonged to his dad as well as his grandfather’s hat. We also had a few different shirts and backgrounds for variety.

Jeremy and his family love the images from his session – and so do I! What about you – is it unanimous?

Jeremy happens to turn 14 today, December 8th. Happy birthday, Jeremy!Pinckney Brighton Michigan Tween Studio Photographer