holiday sparkle mini-sessions announced!

Do you have kids 18 or younger? Want to have a fun, quick opportunity to get them photographed? Look no further. On November 15 and 16, I’ll be doing in-studio mini-sessions!! Packages start at $158 which includes the session fee! I’ll have seven packages available and lots of ala carte premium products for sale [yes, all you image box lovers, you'll have your chance to get one!]. I’ll have several dozen card designs for sale as well. Ornaments, canvases, and other gift ideas are going to be available. I can’t tell you how excited I am for November 15 and 16!

This will be my first opportunity to show off my new studio space near my home in the Brighton area. Sessions will be held every 45 minutes. I know these will sell out, so contact me as soon as you can to let me know you’re interested! Registration begins on Monday, October 20. You can reserve your space by putting your $158 minimum package on your credit card. Then, all you need to do before that is shop for some fun clothes! Casual works, dressy works, but I love the idea of creams, whites, golds, silvers, khakis, and bare feet! It’s gonna be amazing!!!


holiday sparkle mini sessions FB cover


“what to wear” wednesday – young family

This blustery October can’t stay this way all month, can it? I have an extended family session later this week and I just know we’re going to freeze our bums off!

Remember, clothing doesn’t have to be super matchy – this family get up seems so effortless, yet together, the clothing looks great. Army green is always great this time of year, and navy/white stripes are still being shown. Remember, don’t try too hard and you’ll rock your session!OCT 2014 What To Wear 2

office makeover – clean means creative!

Okay, I am ashamed to show you my “before and after” images of my home office. It’s a wonder I got anything creative done in this place! This is the location where I communicate with clients by phone and email, edit their images, create wall concepts with my design software, and brainstorm all the cool things I want to do in my business. Looking back, I realize why my creativity had decreased in recent months. I had other priorities in my life that did NOT include a peaceful zen in my office!

Just over a month ago I began a six week online class called “Bonjourganize Bootcamp” with 29 other photographers put on by Kelli France of Chic Critique Forum.  We’ve been working through getting all aspects of our lives organized. Since we started I’ve developed weekly plans, started using bite-sized pieces of time to get through big projects, implemented meal plans that Lauren can help me with, and most recently, I revamped my office.

I can’t help but think that my creative juices will flow much easier now in this new space. In fact, it only took me a few moments to write this post, which is AMAZING!

What can you do to bring calm and organization to your life?

Office Makeover Angela Brown

sweet logan

When I was young, the more siblings in a family, the less the youngest was photographed. Thank goodness baby Logan was born now, for he had a morning in the spotlight. No brother or sisters nearby, just Logan. And what a treat for me!

Logan is four weeks old, which is on the older side for a newborn portrait session, but he decided modeling was right up his alley. He rocked his Frank Sinatra hat (brought by mommy) and, when we thought the session was done, he asked to pose in the turtle outfit mom brought! [okay, at that point I may have been hearing things]. In any event, he was so sweet to capture, and I really enjoyed hanging out with his laid back mama.

Angela Brown Photography Brighton Newborn Photographer

twin 3 year olds ~ double the fun!

I recently enjoyed working with this family to celebrate the twins’ third birthday. It was also a way to document their life as a new family unit. These kids are no strangers to my camera; I’ve photographed them a half dozen times in their lifetime! They keep me laughing and they love having fun!

Mom is an expert at creating a color concept for each portrait session. This time, she planned around dusty blues. [another link to show this color combo can be found here]. The blues are casual, work well with creams and khaki, blue is just all around a great color! I never have to worry about what her family will look like when we meet for a portrait session, as they always look perfect!

If you’re friends with this family, you’ll have to come see their new wall portraits – three gorgeous framed pieces that will showcase what’s most important to them – family.

Brighton Michigan Family Photographer