wall art wednesday ~ my back hall

There is nothing better than a printed photograph. Seriously. I’m not just saying that because I’m a photographer. I tell my clients that they deserve to have beautiful artwork in their homes featuring those that they love most – their family. ┬áSomething that they can literally enjoy every day.

I practice what I preach. If you’ve ever been in my home, you know I surround myself with portraits of my family.

This wall portrait is something that I see every day when I walk in from the garage. I get out of the car, and I see this view as I open the door:

Back Hall Wall Portrait Brighton

This is my back hallway. I walk in and immediately I focus on this portrait of Lauren from about 5 years ago, one taken on the beach of Lake Michigan. I walk straight toward it to go into the kitchen and great room. Here is a closer look:

Back Hall Wall Portrait Brighton close up

If my hands are free, I’ll stop and touch the canvas. I look at the texture I added to the image and the faint sight of words I edited into it. The image has a dreamy look to it; and even though it’s far from technically sound, I love it. This portrait is framed in one of my favorite rustic frames. It is 20×30 inches in size, plus frame.

Here is the most important part of this post: if you asked me if you could see this image of Lauren on my computer, I would be hard pressed to find it. I know it’s somewhere, and it’s backed up in 2-3 more places, but frankly, it’s been years since I have actually come across the digital file. I’d have to figure out what year it was taken, and in which folder I placed it, and then go through the other 30 images from that day to find it.

If you have favorite images from your every day life, don’t expect to simply enjoy them on your computer. If you love it, print it. Find a spot for it. Because if you’re like me, you have tens of thousands of personal photos on your computer, plus tons on your phone. Life goes on, and those favorite images are just not seen and enjoyed over time….unless you take the time to display it in your home.

May 28, 2015 - 11:50 am

Kitty Golding - This is great information Angie. Good reminders and I love the photo in this hall!!

wall art wednesday

Hey there! I’m starting a new feature here showcasing photography as art in people’s homes. About every other Wednesday, I’ll spotlight something that will hopefully inspire you to decorate your home with portrait art. Sometimes I may feature a client’s home that displays my work, other times I may show you something else that I find inspiring. Who knows, I may even show you something that I enjoy in my own home every day!

This week’s home belongs to Connie. Her three grown daughters gifted her an extended family portrait session, which they experienced last fall. This session was a long time coming; they waited a few years for her granddaughter to make her way to her new home all the way from China! Now that the family was complete, they wanted to document this time in their lives. Here is her beautiful family:

Brighton Michigan Family Portrait Photographer

Connie wanted to enjoy her beautiful family every day, so we created two spots in her home where she could hang her portraits. On one wall, between two doors, I designed a grouping of four 11×14 canvases. Each of her daughters’ families were captured, and Connie was in the fourth canvas with her beloved six grandchildren. The canvas display looks like this:

Brighton Family Portrait Photography Wall Art 2

She also [of course!] wanted to proudly display a portrait of her whole family, but she liked the idea of a traditional frame for that wall art. We selected a beautiful brown wood frame in a 20×24 inch size, which she hung on the wall facing the front door. It’s the first thing you see when you walk in!

Brighton Michigan Family Photography Wall Art 3

Even though we mixed canvases with a traditionally framed portrait, the display looks stunning. The location she selected is perfect – – they are visible to both her guests and to her every day.

Connie has been very pleased with her groupings, which we installed right before Christmas. “The portraits done of my family are so beautiful and rich. I feel Angie really captured their personalities. It is such a joy to be able to look at what I truly see as art work, on a daily basis.”


May 25, 2015 - 9:37 pm

Dana Middlemiss - I absolutely love walking into my Mom’s house and seeing the beautiful portraits! They are beautifully done and really make her house even more warm and personable. I could look at the picture of her and the grandkids forever. What a gift to capture a moment in time with those we hold most dear. Great work Angie!

introducing “Simply Me” portrait experience!

I’m beyond excited to introduce something near and dear to my heart – SimplyMe portrait experience!Brighton Tween Photographer Simply Me

Kids [especially girls] from the ages of 10-15 are at that in between stage and often question how special they really are. By this age they are exposed to media and “standards” that define beauty and measure themselves against it. Yet, these girls are playful, stylish and unique. SimplyMe captures the essence of this critical time in a young girl’s life by showing how special she is!

SimplyMe sessions are held in my Brighton studio, where we’ll capture your daughter wearing what she loves. It will be a fun session for her, and a special one for you, too. One of the most unexpected surprises from these sessions is the great experience that mom and daughter have the day of the session! You’ll see your daughter in her glory, being herself, and realizing that this is such a special time in her life. Let’s celebrate it!

Check out the video below for a taste of what to expect. These girls are amazing and I know you’ll see it too!


SimplyMe isn’t exclusive to girls; boys can use a confidence boost and you’ll want to capture him as he is, right at this unique moment. I can help him feel comfortable, maybe even holding or playing something important to him.

I can’t wait to share more with you about SimplyMe. Please contact me at [313]-530-1051 or angie@angelabrownphotography.com to learn more or to schedule your daughter’s SimplyMe session!


newborn session ~ tucker

I recently was lucky enough to have Tucker in the studio. He was escorted by his mom and grandma – I took one look at him and gasped at how beautiful he is! He has the cutest little lips! I’ll be photographing him again when he’s sitting up and again on his first birthday [part of a baby’s first year plan] so this newborn portrait session was a great foundation for a year’s worth of portraits.

The moon is new – my dad designed it and built it – it is yellow on one side and creamy white on the other. Tucker really enjoyed lying in it!

brighton newborn session photos