twin 3 year olds ~ double the fun!

I recently enjoyed working with this family to celebrate the twins’ third birthday. It was also a way to document their life as a new family unit. These kids are no strangers to my camera; I’ve photographed them a half dozen times in their lifetime! They keep me laughing and they love having fun!

Mom is an expert at creating a color concept for each portrait session. This time, she planned around dusty blues. [another link to show this color combo can be found here]. The blues are casual, work well with creams and khaki, blue is just all around a great color! I never have to worry about what her family will look like when we meet for a portrait session, as they always look perfect!

If you’re friends with this family, you’ll have to come see their new wall portraits – three gorgeous framed pieces that will showcase what’s most important to them – family.

Brighton Michigan Family Photographer


oliver ~ dog a day [and adorable wonder dog!]

Brighton Howell Pet Photographer Oliver low low

Think about pulling your camera out once a day – EVERY day. How hard would it be to create a meaningful photo each and every day, even when you are dead tired? Lindsay Javit does just that. Her subject? Oliver! Ollie is a Jack Russell mix that is as crazy as can be, but he seems to relish being in front of Lindsay’s camera phone each day. Lindsay is creating Facebook and Instagram followers every day because everyone wants to see what she comes up with! Oliver has over 1000 global followers on Instagram.:)

Lindsay began photographing her beloved shelter dog when a good friend was in the hospital for an extended stay. Lindsay would capture Oliver each day to cheer up her friend. Soon, she realized that this dog, as hyper as he is, was a natural in front of the camera. She tried capturing him in different ways, and even began using costumes. She was bewildered at how wild he was UNTIL he got in front of her camera.

Tales With a Tail

I caught up with Lindsay and Oliver recently to do a promo photo shoot and to talk to her about what got her started in her 365 project and what makes Oliver special.

When did you realize that Oliver had a gift in front of the camera? When I first started the DogADay project, I figured I would just take pictures of Oliver doing everyday dog things – sleeping, riding in the car, shopping at the pet store, going to training class, etc. One night, I slipped a pair of sunglasses on him. He leaned into the shot like he was ready for his Star on the Hollywood walk of fame! I thought I’d gotten a “once in a blue moon” kind of shot. The next night, I tried giant fuzzy eye brows as a joke. He sat so patiently for me. I even walked away for 5 minutes , and I came back to him waiting right where I left him, eyebrows in place. I was dumbstruck!  I started looking up holidays and events and it took off from there. I really don’t think there is anything I could do that Ollie wouldn’t be up for. I have never had to walk away from a photo shoot without getting the shot. Considering Oliver is a very, very active terrier who is quite a handful, it’s pretty remarkable that he poses so well.

How do you determine your daily shot? Unless I am out of town or know I have something planned, Ollie and I create a set and shoot a picture every day. If I know I will not be available, I shoot before I leave and post while I’m away. I have two websites that I check often, which lists commonly celebrated holidays, and which lists holidays, monthly, weekly or daily celebrations. Sometimes I get requests to do certain pictures, and sometimes we will do something dramatic that happened in the news that day. On the rare occasion that I have nothing scheduled,  I will just dig through the costume bin or see what movies are premiering that week and pick a character. It’s rare I can’t think of something timely to create.

Brighton Michigan Pet photographer low

What is your favorite image?   Every time I think I have my favorite picked, we take another picture that blows the others away. I think I have three top favorites: Star Wars [May 4th] because he got to play 4 characters and he nailed every one. Superman [April 28th] is another favorite because he was watching a squirrel run across the yard and in that moment he looks like he really could fly if he jumped off the cliff he was on. And the Apollo 13 Launch [April 11th] is another favorite because he just looks so darn serious in that shot and he put his paw on the podium all by himself totally capturing the seriousness of the picture. [you can see that image below.]

Your most challenging? One challenging day was Clownin’ Around [March 28th]. It took us two weeks to work on keeping the clown nose ON his nose instead of IN his mouth. The costume was the simplest costume I’d ever done but the patience and practice was what took the most time. I don’t know if I could ever get him to do it again! The other shot that was a disaster was No Dirty Dishes Day. Oliver is NOT a fan of bubbles! I knew it needed the bubbles because it’s the details and props that make his pictures so funny. I had help blowing bubbles while I tried to snap the shot. It took about 12-15 shots that night to get a decent picture, when most of the time, it takes us 1-3 shots to get it.

Do you plan to do anything with your collection at the end of the year? After we are done for the year I’m going to see how things end. If I feel like we have completed the project, I will probably stop. I’m fortunate right now that my schedule allows me to take his pictures every night. In a few months I know that’s going to change and I will have other things to plan for, so time allowing, we will see. If anything, I would probably turn the project into a once a week type thing ~ it would be hard to not repeat holidays and events. Plus, he has a following and I wouldn’t want to upset his fans! I have had requests for photo books and a calendar from random strangers so I’m considering that. I think he would make a great coffee table type book! For myself, I would love to set up a wall collage type of display and I definitely want to create a photo book to preserve the project.

Tales w a Tail 2

Loyal readers, you do NOT want to miss Ollie’s daily photos. You can follow Oliver on Instagram at and Facebook at Please post a little love to Oliver! Personally, seeing Lindsay and Oliver’s daily creations is one of my highlights every day! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve laughed out loud at his photos.

Here are a few of the images from our in studio portrait session. Oliver may be crazy and hyper, but his reputation in front of the camera is intact – he was perfectly still, posed and regal looking every time my camera was aimed at him.:)

Brighton Pet Photographer low 5



cari ~ sweet sixteen

Let’s just say I have known this amazing young lady since before she was born. I dreamed of a niece that was smart, funny, and someone I loved to be around. Enter Cari into my life. She is all that and so much more –  I am a lucky lucky aunt.

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what to wear wednesday – senior girl or chic woman

Senior portrait season is heating up, as well as family portrait sessions. Make sure you are dressed in something awesome that reflects you! Navy and white stripes are really hot this season, and mint is still hanging in there as a must-have color. Combine them for a look like this!

If this inspires you, contact me to set up your own portrait session! I can be reached at [313] 530- 1051 or

June 2014 What To Wear Senior Girl

senior class of 2015 – book your senior portraits now!

Here in Brighton, graduation was just held over the weekend and it’s officially summer! For upcoming seniors, you have something very important to do – be photographed for your senior pictures. At Angela Brown Photography, senior season is fun season as I adore the excitement and love for life that comes with getting senior pictures taken. What do I wear? How do I want to remember myself 30 years from now? What Brighton Howell senior photographer can make me look great?

Brighton Senior Portrait Product Guide Angela Brown Photography

I’ve recently completed my Senior Product Menu for the upcoming class. Just give me a call at [313] 530-1051 or email me at and I can make arrangements to get it to you. Here are the basics of my program:

  • All senior portrait sessions come with a pre-session consultation with the student and the parents [and not necessarily at the same time]. We discuss your vision, clothing, locations, what special things you want to be photographed with, and most importantly, the products that you’ll want to have.
  • As a consumer myself, I have always hated “packages.” So I’ve built my senior portrait pricing around flexibility. Pick what you want, but in a collection that can save you some money.  The solution? Voila! Build Your Own Collection! This gives you the ability to choose products from each of the four main categories – with lots of choices in each category – and save money if you purchase from all four. If you decide not to, you can still purchase ala carte. It’s worked great for our seniors in past years and I can’t wait to share it with you.
  • This year, I have added a “signature pose” collection for seniors that don’t want a lot of different poses, or for the senior that, well, just wants to do the minimum.:)
  • I’ve also added different choices of sessions – from a one hour session to a six hour, two day session. Some want to do it up right, other seniors just want the basics!
  • My senior program is built around giving lots of poses with an album or image box and at least one framed wall portrait. Over time, 5x7s and 8x10s are fine, but a beautiful framed piece of art is something that will stay in your parents’ home for years, and is something to be enjoyed every day.

Since I personally handle all aspects of your senior portrait experience, from the first meeting until you receive your products, I strictly limit the number of senior sessions I do each year. Please, contact me soon to get on my calendar!