product love ~ custom photo pendants

Sometimes you have to kiss a LOT of frogs before you find your Prince Charming! That’s what these last few months have been like for me as I went searching for a new company to create photo charms with my portraits. You see, I had a photo charm company that I adored, and my clients loved wearing their designs with my photos in them. But last summer, they announced that they were closing their company. I still get so sad thinking about it!

Fast forward to the fall and I found Jewel Kade. Although they were a “direct sales” company, I loved the ability to create custom photo charms for my Brighton area clients. The glass and soldering were a different look for me, but I quickly fell in love! Ah, but lightning struck twice – Jewel Kade closed down their charm business. I was out in the cold once again.

I furiously researched and found a few individuals [and even another direct sales company] that I was willing to try out for my clients. So, I ordered a photo charm from one company. And another woman. And yet another one. The joy you should feel when you open a mail package was actually frustration for me. None of them were up to the quality I expected for my portrait clients!

So this is when I became insane. I started researching how I could learn to solder and design these jewelry pieces MYSELF! [yes, insanity. Did I really consider that???]

Lucky for me, I never needed to learn this skill, because I found a woman that solders beautiful glass photo pendants. Finally! She’s been soldering since she was 11 years old and guess what? She’s also a photographer. So she understands my need for quality photos and paper to be inserted into the charms that she makes. When I opened her samples I almost cried with joy. They look amazing. She even lets me design the back of the charms with a design or another photo.

Photo Charms Angela Brown Photography Brighton

So there you have it. Now that I’ve kissed the frogs and found my “princess.” I’m back in the photo charm business. These beauties come in sizes from an inch square to 1 1/2 x 2 inches. I can help design one from your portrait session for you to wear or to give as a gift. With Mother’s Day coming up, it’s a gift that is sure to be cherished.

Most of the photo charms my clients have purchased are from portrait sessions. However, I can also do a special session for your child specifically for a photo charm or pendant. The pendant on the right, above, is of my daughter in her basketball uniform. I wear the pendant to her games instead of one of those big round plastic pins. Much more classy, don’t ya think?


product love ~ wild sorbet painted frames

This year I plan to spotlight some of my favorite products. Top on the list has to be Wild Sorbet hand painted framing. I love love love Wild Sorbet! I originally began using Wild Sorbet because of the whimsical colors. Would you believe there are currently 128 colors available?  I work with lots of moms that love the whimsical colors for their kids’ portraits. The fun colors are perfect in bedrooms, play rooms, family rooms, even holiday portraits.

What I realized, though, is that Wild Sorbet colors can look very grown up and even sophisticated with some of the colors. It’s easy to mix a grown up metallic with a fun accent trim, or keep it strictly basic with browns, blacks, buttery neutrals and metallics. With the variety of trims and the option of adding polka dots or stripes, you can literally create a wall grouping unlike any other you’ve ever seen (or ever been made before!). Wild Sorbet is known as “the original shabby chic frame company” and lots of other companies try unsuccessfully to emulate them!

Personally, both my home and my Brighton Michigan portrait studio are filled with Wild Sorbet framing. You’ll see below some of my collections as well as some from clients’ homes. Click here to see a gorgeous frame in Lauren’s bedroom.

With every client that has loved Wild Sorbet, we’ve had a blast collaborating on the best combination of colors for their home. It’s a lot of fun! I’d love to design a Wild Sorbet wall grouping for you with your next family or kids portrait session. They are literally something you will love to look at every day.

Angela Brown Photography Framing Wild Sorbet

get the right sized portraits….every time

Have you ever had professional portraits done and you ordered a great big 8×10 for your wall? You excitedly get home, put it on the wall and it looks like this?

8x10 on the wall for blog

After investing time and money into your portrait session, it can be pretty discouraging to realize that what you thought was a big portrait was really…not. You needed assistance and a way to visualize what your investment would look like in your space. This is the basis of my portrait business. I believe in helping you visualize what will look right in your space!

I’ve invested in software to help clients “see” their portraits on their actual wall BEFORE they order. That’s why when you work with me, we’ll begin by getting some snapshots of any places in your home where you’d consider hanging your portraits.  That helps us in a few ways. First of all, we design the portrait session around the rooms where you’d like to display your portraits. If you have red accents in the room, I may recommend including red in the family clothing that is worn. It helps make your artwork look like it belongs in your room.

Second, I never want you to be disappointed with the size you select for your portraits. I have heard too many stories of people that wish they’d been guided to order a more appropriate size for their wall. That won’t happen when you work with me. We’ll look at the right sizes, frame choices, and, for wall groupings of multiple images, we’ll play with the arrangements. All before you order.

For the room above, we might have selected a 24×36 canvas for above this sofa. It would have looked something like this:

24x36 canvas wrap


Or, perhaps these clients really love traditional framing and prefer a whitewashed finish. Here is a framed 24×36 that might have worked above their sofa.

24x36 for the wall on blog

Let me show you a personal project I did for my daughter’s room.

1. Here you can see her room – painted with lime walls, and chocolate and turquoise design elements.

2. I wanted to do a collage of various images of her and I wanted to create a Wild Sorbet frame to match her room [Wild Sorbet is a line of hand painted framing that I offer]. Here is a copy of the collage in a virtual Wild Sorbet frame that I built using my design software.

3. I played with different sizes for that wall. Once I saw the 24×24 collage on the wall with the frame, I knew that was the right size. This is a virtual image of the artwork on the wall.

4. Finally, you can see the finished framed collage in Lauren’s room. It looks perfect, and I adore looking at it every day.:)

Room Views in my home

Let me help you create something beautiful for your home! Contact me today at to schedule a winter or spring portrait session.


January 23, 2015 - 9:16 pm

product love ~ wild sorbet painted frames » Angela Brown Photography - […] You’ll see below some of my collections as well as some from clients’ homes. Click here to see a gorgeous frame in Lauren’s […]

holiday sparkle mini-sessions – the “real” images!

Since many of our holiday sparkle mini-session prints were holiday gifts, I promised not to post our favorite images until after the holidays. Now it’s January, so all is fair game.:)I giggle every time I see these images as I recall how much fun we all had that weekend. I’m already planning a holiday theme for next November – and if you are interested in staying informed about any of my special events, be sure to like angela brown photography on Facebook or contact me at!

Angela Brown Photography Brighton Howell Michigan Photographer event

holiday sparkle mini-sessions are a success!

Recently I held a weekend of Holiday Sparkle Mini-sessions and had an absolute blast! Since I am a custom portrait photographer, doing an event like these mini-sessions was totally new to me. Whaaaat? I can’t take 2 hours to have a view/order session with a client? I can’t photograph their kids forever? Luckily, my young subjects came ready to be photographed, and their parents came ready to make decisions on their prints and artwork. The framed products are being delivered this week, and it’s officially a wrap!

Here are a few stats about our event and the kids we photographed:

number of kids photographed: 17

girls: 9; boys: 8

sets of twins: 3

oldest: 14

youngest: 16 months

families wearing blue and gray: 3v

kids that were born VERY prematurely and are now happy and healthy: 4

girls with super curly hair: 3

overheard by Jake: “I get to wear my new TIE for pictures!”

most heartwarming plea: “Can Miss Angie carry me to the car instead?” <3

most popular product purchased: three image framed storyboard (3)

luckiest photographer: me!!

I suppose you’re super curious about how darling these portraits turned out, right? Well, I know for a fact that many of these portraits are meant to be Christmas presents to families, so I promised not to unveil them yet. Welllll, maybe I’m pushing it a little, but I just HAD to post something – even if they ARE outtakes. Take a look below, but be sure to check back right after Christmas to see the REAL portraits. In the meantime, here are my little subjects posing incognito just for you.

Angela Brown Photography Brighton Michigan Photographer

Now that I have a new studio space, I am considering hosting another event or two in 2015. If you have an interest in being kept informed of my special events, please contact me at (313) 530-1051 or Your kids will have a blast!!